Drought: a Var village forced to draw water from a river


Lhe France is experiencing a historic drought, “the most serious ever recorded in our country”, according to Matignon. This extreme situation, notably caused by successive heat waves and the absence of rain, has deprived more than a hundred municipalities of drinking water. Among them, Seillans, in the Var, where water is now drawn directly from the river, reports RTL. Tankers go there to collect water before distributing it to the inhabitants.

The level is decreasing day by day

This last resort to compensate for the lack of drinking water is not without risk. The level of the river is gradually decreasing day by day. Residents are concerned about this situation. “I’m a mason, so even in relation to work, it’s going to be a bit complicated,” confides Thierry at the microphone of RTL, which uses water to make concrete. Restaurant owners face the same problem. “We have a few machines that are directly connected to water, such as the coffee machine, the ice cube machine or even the dishwasher, and which will no longer be able to work”, explains Hugo for whom “water is essential”.

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On the occasion of the National Day, July 14, Seillans was already struggling to guarantee drinking water to all inhabitants. From now on, the municipality fears the worst with the arrival of many holidaymakers, especially around August 15. “If there is a break, we will be required to stop the distribution of water and compensate with the distribution of packs”, warns the mayor, René Ugo. “I think there will be some gnashing of teeth and some irritation from the population, but we will have no choice. »

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