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Very ripe grapes, full of sunshine, ready to be harvested. In a wine estate in the Pyrénées-Orientales, workers started harvesting three days ago. That’s almost two weeks ahead of last year. Joseph Legrand had never seen that in thirty years in the business. “I have never harvested in August. It’s more like early September, mid-September”he says.

Harvests so early that the owner was completely taken aback. Due to lack of manpower, he had to delay the harvest. “It started as soon as we could, so on August 2 in fact, but we really should have started on July 23 and there was really impossible. We didn’t have the human resources to be able to start”, explains Jean-Marc Lafage, owner of the Lafage estate and oenologist. Despite everything, thanks to a rainy spring, the cuvée looks promising.

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