In the East-Var, be on ecological watch with Sentinelles de la nature

If summer is synonymous with holidays, being able to enjoy the beach, wooded landscapes, the East-Var branch of the France Nature Environnement (FNE) association also seeks to ensure that the summer season rhymes with ecological monitoring. Volunteers keep an eye out and invite citizens, on leave, to report any damage to nature but also to report on initiatives favorable to the environment.

France Nature Environnement Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, created fifty years ago to reconcile Man and his planet, is taking advantage of this month of August to recall the existence of its system.

The app “Sentinels of nature” allows everyone, in a few clicks, to become a player in a healthier environment, near their home or on their vacation spot, to contribute to the conservation of fauna and flora by indicating problems and pollution.

Indeed, in two years, 439 steps have been taken by the team to put an end to environmental damage.

Involve citizens

Wild dumps of construction waste, rubble, crushed concrete, plasterboard, deposits of plastic waste and household waste in the middle of the forest, remains of car wrecks near a hiking trail, fiber cement roofing sheets with asbestos in even the ground near a public frequentation area… so many discoveries that are very shocking to walkers.

“By involving civil society, the work of preservation becomes more effective and above all collective: millions of French people in nature, it is as many pairs of eyes to ensure its good condition!, details the regional coordinator, Jean-Michel Roget. 72.5% of the 255 reports made in 2021 concern illegal dumping of waste. They continue to pollute our daily lives in the regions, in the streets, in the fields. Residents must sound the alarm on wild dumps, an ecological plague on our territory, in particular by using the Sentinelles de la Nature application”.

It is also possible to report abuse, degradation and good practices on the coast and at sea up to 22km from the coast (degradation of the Posidonia meadow by unsuitable mooring, abandonment of waste, washing of gray or black water tanks, etc.)

Legislation at sea is gradually being supplemented, in particular by the entry into force of prefectural decrees regulating moorings. Positive initiatives should also be highlighted, such as the underwater educational trails like the grouper trail in Port-Fréjus, the “Biohut trail”.

The information remains anonymous

This information is transmitted to the territorial referents of the region for analysis and, if necessary, published on the cartography of the association. The information transmitted remains anonymous and personal data is collected confidentially.

A degradation of the environment gives rise to an action and a procedure. “Since its launch in 2020, the “Sentinels of Nature” tool has continued to gain followers. Citizens who invest in this vast network for the protection of the environment in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Provence region (more than 1,200 people) then become “Sentinels” and can, thanks to a monitoring system, know the state of progress of the steps taken but also to modify their description by providing new elements”.

The platform is available online. An interactive map records in real time the geolocation of the degradations observed and the favorable actions.

Citizens but also communities, clubs offering outdoor activities can relay this program. On a hike, by the sea, on a walk along a river, you can become an actor for the protection of Nature and the environment by making a simple, quick and responsible gesture.

In the Est-Var conurbation, go to the website

France Nature Environnement: six departmental federations, seven regional thematic associations, 250 associations, 27,089 volunteers throughout the region.

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