Loire: after the death of a “shaken” baby, a nanny is imprisoned


This Saturday, the Saint-Etienne prosecutor’s office announced that a nanny had been indicted and imprisoned after the death of a six-month-old baby. The child died of shaken baby syndrome.

The baby died two days after being hospitalized. After the brutal death of an infant which occurred on July 26 at around 5 p.m., the deputy public prosecutor of Saint-Etienne, André Merle, announced this Saturday that “the approved childminder domiciled in L’Horne (Loire) , was presented last weekend to an investigating judge.

She was indicted for “willful violence resulting in death without intention to give it, and placed in pre-trial detention”.

According to the results of the autopsy, the body of the 6-month-old baby revealed death caused by shaken baby syndrome.

While the baby was in a period of adaptation with the nurse, the latter had alerted the father after observing a deterioration in his state of health, on July 26.

A video filmed by the mother when dropping him off at the nanny showed that the baby was doing well, said the magistrate.

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