“May he take a vacation and come back in September well rested”


It’s up to whoever will be the most aggressive or condescending towards the other. However, in the letters they exchange, the mayor of Lyon and the Minister of the Interior remain cordial, while marking their difference. But as soon as a microphone drags, everything collapses.

The origin of this opposition dates back to the boycott of the minister’s trip to Lyon last weekend, even if the conflict is mainly rooted in the multiplication of violent miscellaneous events, in particular at the Duchere.

Gérald Darmanin has planned to return to take the pulse of the Guillotière on September 5 and has invited Grégory Doucet. The latter accepted but by setting its conditions on the place of the meeting and on the people who will be present. A true Cold War summit!

Finally reconciled? Not really. As of Thursday, on the CNEWS set, the resident of Place Beauvau denounced the “naive militancy” and “anti-cop ideology” of the aedile EELV. Ouch!

And since no one on either side managed to convince the protagonists to put an end to this fight from a distance, Grégory Doucet responded. He chose the Sunday newspaper Friday evening, to make sure that his remarks go well to the ears of Gérald Darmanin.

“I am not here to serve as a foil to a minister in need of political communication. Admittedly, Gérald Darmanin has had a string of disappointments since the Stade de France affair, but I would like him to live up to the commitments made. And also up to the announcements made by Élisabeth Borne and Emmanuel Macron, who said they wanted to renew the way of working with local elected officials, by being more attentive and respectful”declared the first Lyon magistrate, thus placing himself in the position of the victim.

“When he says I will be against the police, it’s ridiculous, insulting and it doesn’t have to be! That’s not how you create the conditions for constructive work and solve the problems of delinquency and criminality. In his remarks, I hear contempt and condescension. (…) He may need a vacation, take it and come back in September well rested. There, we can work together”continued, more acidly, Grégory Doucet.

To our colleagues, the mayor of Lyon concluded about the Guillotière: “We are not going to solve everything with a magic wand, but the situation is improving. I decided, very early in my mandate, to make this district one of my priorities and I will not let go!”

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