Three collar pullers arrested at Electro Beaches in Cannes

Since Friday evening, the party has been in full swing on the Croisette with the Electronic Beaches Festival, where no less than 18,000 spectators are expected every day until Sunday.

But it’s not just dancing music lovers who slipped into the crowd facing the main stage on the beach or on the terraces of the Palais.

Because several people have filed a complaint for tearing off a gold chain or valuable necklace, while they had their eyes riveted on their favorite DJ (Friday evening, it was Martin Garrix at the very end of the program).

The modus operandi? A person sticks to your back, among so many others dancing, and all of a sudden, tears off the jewel before immediately melting into the crowd. The overall damage would amount to several thousand euros.

A team from Italy

Sometimes the victim doesn’t even realize it. But one of the chain carriers briefly felt the snatch and gave the alert, while pursuing his thief.

Eventually, with the help of security officers, the police arrested three suspects, according to the reports provided. The latter were no longer in possession of their loot.

But these three individuals in their twenties, who came from Italy, were nevertheless placed in police custody at the Cannes police station for theft in meetings and snatching.

A team that may not be the only ones to crack down on the festive perimeter, so festival-goers are advised not to wear ostentatious jewelry before going to concerts.

In addition, the police present at the demonstration drew up 24 fines for possession and use of narcotics.

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