Transporter passed off drugs as donations to Ukraine

VS’is an unlikely crackdown recently carried out by French customs. As reported The Parisiana minibus which was supposed to transport donations intended for Ukraine was intercepted at the end of July on the A31 north of Metz with no less than 30 kilos of cannabis herb and 450 grams of resin, hidden under a hatch.

After having initially denied the facts, claiming not to be aware that his vehicle contained this large stock of drugs, the driver, of Lithuanian nationality, was arrested and placed in detention by the customs forces. He then assured investigators and judges that his journey was to end in Eastern Europe, with the load of donations destined for Ukraine which were allegedly in his minibus. However, the investigators found no trace of these said goods.

Three years in prison

The authorities nevertheless noted that the illicit goods had been carefully installed under the hatch of his vehicle, in heat-sealed and scented bags to deceive the scent of the customs dog, specifies The Parisian. Their total cost was estimated by customs at more than 150,000 euros. Unfavorably known to the police for a drug trafficking case, the defendant was sentenced to a three-year prison sentence with a one-year suspended sentence and a customs fine of 127,200 euros.

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