With Bakwa and Ekomié, the youth card was enough for Bordeaux to beat Rodez (0-3)


His goal, Bordeaux’s second: he executed Cibois with a clean shot on a nickel pass from Fransergio for the second “after making the right call” between the two central defenders.

He had first signed the decisive center for the first Bordeaux goal, in his own way. He easily controlled Fransergio’s long opening but not in the race, stopping. “It’s instinct, it’s my game too, I’m often stopped and go to the acceleration”, which he did several times outside the center returned by Cibois on Ihnatenko.

With a technical background roughly at the level of his physical volume, he dived less than the rest of his team in the rest of the match.

Bakwa also wasted two other chances but his dribbling wore out Bardy and was largely responsible for the expulsion for two yellow cards from Rodézien, Fransergio having finished the job. He also signed a nice shot deflected by the goalkeeper of Rodez (82nd).

“When the legs and cardio fail, the heart takes over”

Ekomie scored points

Jacque Ekomié very active at left back

Jacque Ekomié very active at left back

Quentin Salinier / SOUTH WEST

Jacques Ekomié, 19, in his left-back position, also scored points. He held the barracks without weakening, including against Savignac, who entered at the end of the match with fresh legs, saving a goal ball in front of him. “I work to be physically ready, to have the juice until the end. But when the legs and cardio falter, the heart takes over. Ligue 2 is a fight, you have to be ready. Tonight, we were, we gave a lot. »

He was constantly strong in duels, like his physique; it is not tall, but wide, compact. The head and the nerves follow: he knew when to bring offensively but never losing sight of the priority of defensive positioning.

With these two young people, we can mention Bakwa, solid, but in Rodez, Delaurier-Chaubet and Lacoux were too irregular, Bokélé a little fragile on his wing. But it is obvious that these young people, even with faults, inexperience, bring a breath of fresh air to a team that has been withering and languishing over the past two or three seasons.

Proof: the hitch, but fantastic, goal of Marvin de Lima, 18, entered at the very end of the match, and who put all his will and his malice to push the ball into the goal during a huge mess. First game, first ball, first goal. The smile of this little guy and the friends of his generation were a pleasure to see.

It’s a little early to say who among his youngsters will have the stuff and/or the chance to go further, but it’s an equation to be solved for the staff: to gain experience without depriving themselves of fresh blood.

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