18-year-old from Maine dies on Jersey Shore beach in hole he and his sister dug in sand


An 18-year-old died Tuesday afternoon after being trapped in a hole he and his sister dug in the sand on a Toms River beach, authorities said.

Levi Caverly, from Union, Maine, was visiting New Jersey’s barrier island with his 17-year-old sister. They used Frisbees to dig about 10 feet deep in an area near the beach entrance on Seaview Road, authorities said. The sand crumbled over them and Caverly was completely buried. Her sister was covered up to her chest.

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Emergency crews from several nearby towns in Ocean County assisted in the rescue effort using heavy machinery, buckets of water and ladders in an attempt to free Caverly. His sister was treated on the spot.

“Levi was himself”, the teenager’s father, Todd Caverly, wrote Wednesday on Facebook. “He was weird. He was weird. He wasn’t really concerned with what other people thought. He knew Jesus Christ. He was involved in the worship team at church and was the drummer for a worship band for teens and young adults. He was a tech freak and he loved to program.

The incident comes after a A 13-year-old boy died last weekend when he became trapped in a hole he had dug at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park in Utah.

Authorities advise bathers not to dig holes deeper than knee height to avoid potential accidents.

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