Former Philadelphia Eagles star Terrell Owens speaks out after confrontation on camera with neighbor


PHILADELPHIA CREAM – NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Owens opens up about an argument with a woman in his Florida neighborhood that he filmed.

Owens posted a video on his Instagram account Thursday evening of the heated exchange.

In the video, the woman says she told Owens to slow down while driving through the neighborhood. Owens says he didn’t speed up and was going to his mailbox.

Owens kept his camera rolling as their back and forth continued with an officer on hand.

In the video, Owens explained that the woman called the police and told them he was going to wait for them to come.

In addition to speeding, Owens, a longtime NFL wide receiver with the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys, was accused by the neighbor of nearly hitting her with his car. and harassment.

In the video, the woman can be heard telling the officer, “He ran the stop sign.”

“There’s no stop sign, what are you talking about?” said Owens.

The woman continues: “I asked him to slow down. He got out of his car and started harassing me. He parked his car.

Owens responds, “Good, because you’re going to yell at me and tell me I almost hit you, and I didn’t.”

The woman said, “But you didn’t have to get out of your fucking car. “

Owens says, “You didn’t have to talk to me that way.”

Then the woman made this statement: “You are a black man approaching a white woman.”

The TO Hall of Famer spoke exclusively to “Good Morning America” ​​about the incident.

“It could have turned out very badly. I don’t know where this could have gone if the police had intervened and they basically took her at her word for something she said I did (did) or whatever. We’ve seen it a number of other times as well,” Owens said.

Owens shared his take on the racist statement.

“If the tables were turned, I’d probably be in jail or something of that magnitude right now, honestly. And just the statement that she made, obviously, that came out of her mouth, the comments, exactly that was “a black man approaching a white woman” kind of says what you want to know about the situation,” Owens said.

In the video, Owens speaks to his camera and says, “I saw it. I saw it. But it’s first hand… I saw it on TV. I’ve seen it on video, but I’ve never been a part of anything like it.

Owens now pushes the woman to face the consequences.

He retweeted a petition asking that she face a prison sentence for making a false police report.

Owens thinks accountability is significant here following other recent high-profile incidents where police have been called on black Americans under dubious pretenses for doing mundane things, like while walking, take a nap, sitting in a Starbucks and even bird watching.

In this infamous Central Park Bird Watcher case, the woman was accused of filing a false police report.

Owens says he is grateful for the way the police handled his situation.

“I just want to commend the Broward police, those officers who came in, because it could have gone completely left if they hadn’t come in and handled the situation in the right way,” Owens said. .

ABC News has reached out to the woman involved for comment; she did not return their calls.

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