Is Bullet Train on Netflix or HBO Max? – How to watch the bullet train


Sometimes you don’t want a wonder Where CC film. Sometimes you don’t want to have to worry about continuity or a complex plot, you just want a fun, fast-paced action movie. It’s there that High-speed train Between.

With Brad Pitt alongside a host of other well-known actors (Eternals and Atlanta star Brian Tyree Henry, former MCU star and future Sony-Marvel anti-hero Aaron-Taylor Johnson, and even music superstar Bad Bunny), High-speed trainThe principle of is simple: an agent (Pitt) must fight his way through a train of various adversaries to accomplish his mission. Beyond that, the movie is an excuse to sit back and relax and watch fight after fight after fight.

While the film’s critical score is less than stellar at 53% on Rotten Tomatoes, audiences are enjoying themselves and the film has an impressive viewership rating of 83% at the time of writing. There is a clear consensus: while he may not be successful at everything he tries, High-speed train is an entertaining ride for action fans.

The film premiered in theaters on August 5, but of course not everyone is looking to book tickets for an in-person experience. Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video and the various other streaming services have forever changed the way audiences consume TV and movies. As early as a month after a theatrical release, we can watch movies from the comfort of our homes as long as we subscribe to the right platforms. So there’s no shame in asking the now popular question: when will this film be available to stream?

Here’s what we know.

How to watch High-speed train

From now on, High-speed train is only available in theaters. But good news for the majority of cord cutters: it will eventually come to Netflix.

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According IGN, thanks to an agreement between Netflix and Sony, High-speed train (a bit like Sony Unexplored, which landed on Netflix on August 5) will be heading to Netflix after its first theatrical release. While it’s unclear exactly when the movie will hit the platform, it could be as early as late 2022.

So for now, head to theaters if you want to see Brad Pitt’s latest movie, and we’ll update this space as soon as High-speed train is making its way to Netflix.

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