Protests already planned as community groups rally against RNC


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – As Milwaukee has been slated to host the 2024 Republican National Convention on Friday, Aug. 5, supporters say the city will benefit greatly from tens of thousands of visitors and hundreds of millions of dollars.

But critics are sounding the alarm, saying those benefits won’t impact the people who need them most, adding that they don’t want the RNC in Milwaukee.

In an ideal world, the injection of $200 million into the region’s economy will trickle down to struggling and neglected communities. But RNC critics say this announcement is far from ideal. They say Milwaukee will be used as a pawn and people will suffer.

Kyle Johnson of the group ‘Black Leaders Organizing for Communities’ said of the RNC: “Frankly, it’s a threat to a lot of people. And a lot of people don’t feel safe.

Many people also feel angry, frustrated and skeptical.

Leaders at the top have long touted an expected financial windfall and national exposure, but leaders on the ground say too many Milwaukeeans will once again be left behind.

Speaking at a Friday press conference, Omar Flores, spokesperson for the Coalition to March the 2024 RNC, said, “We seek to unite all progressive forces in Milwaukee to fight the Republican presence here.”

Members and groups linked to the Coalition to March RNC 2024 have protested at conventions in the past. They are already planning protests in Milwaukee and expect an influx of like-minded protesters to join them.

Flores said, “We won’t let Republicans and their reactionary ideas flourish in Milwaukee. We will not let them visit without resistance.

The group is ready for the national spotlight, planning a major march even if the city doesn’t grant a permit.

But other groups are waiting to see how the process evolves.

For now, Darryl Morin says his non-partisan group “Forward Latino” plans to engage with the RNC. “I think anyone who really wants to stand up for democracy and freedom and our Constitutional Republic would welcome either party to our city.”

But he adds that the party cannot spread rhetoric that harms the community. “They have every right to hold the convention here, but the people of Wisconsin have every right to expect them to come here and tell the truth.”

But other bands say they’ve seen enough already. Johnson of Black Leaders Organizing for Communities said of Milwaukee’s selection as the host city, “We’re really disappointed.”

He says he is certain that claims of major economic impact will not pan out the way leaders have sold it. “Much of this money will go to private companies, it will not be filtered or received by the people who need it most.”

And many critics share the same concern. Flores said, “They say the same thing every time: the money will go to all citizens of Milwaukee by organizing events like the RNC. The only ones to benefit are business owners and the wealthy.

We asked Kyle Johnson what he thinks of Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson, saying that while many Milwaukeeans don’t support the Republican agenda, he does support the economic and jobs benefits this convention could bring. . Kyle Johnson said that although it is a difficult position, now is the time to step up and choose the safety and well-being of the community over a payday.

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