after the killing of Ukrainian soldiers in Olenivka, Ukrainians go to protests en masse — TSN Exclusive —

In Lviv, the relatives of the defenders of “Azovstal” took part in an action to call on the international community to save the lives of servicemen. And to prevent a terrible execution, as happened to the Ukrainian prisoners in Olenivka.

This is reported in the story of TSN. 19:30.

In Lviv near the Opera House – several dozen people. Mostly these are the wives and mothers of soldiers who defended “Azovstal” and are still in captivity. But what hurts them the most is that they do not have any information about how they feel, and whether the captivity will turn into torture or even execution, as happened in the colony in Olenivka during the terrorist attack committed by Russia.

Relatives of the prisoners ask to recognize Russia as a terrorist state, and international organizations will finally intervene and facilitate the exchange and release of the defenders of “Azovstal”. And don’t waste time, because it can cost the most valuable thing – the lives of Ukrainian heroes.

They held the defense of Mariupol for almost three months in complete encirclement under continuous fire, without ammunition, medicine and food. In May, they received an order to surrender in order to save their lives. A month ago, 95 defenders of “Azovstal” returned home. But the majority still remains in captivity. And under what conditions is unknown.

Meanwhile in Kyiv, the day before, an action was held on Sofia Square. After the mass murder of Ukrainian prisoners by the Russians in Olenivka, Ukrainians staged protests throughout the country. And on August 5, a charity race was held on Trukhanovo Island in the capital.

We will remind, on the night of July 29 on the territory of the colony in the village of Olenivka an explosion rang out. There, the occupiers held captive the Ukrainian military, including the defenders of Mariupol, as well as civilians.

As a result of the explosion about 40 people could die, another 130 could be injured. The exact number of victims and wounded is currently unknown.

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