Amnesty International’s scandalous report is Russian propaganda

Amnesty International this week set out to destroy its credibility by serving as a mouthpiece for Russian propaganda.

This is stated in the material of the British publication The Timesreports Ukrinform.

The publication notes that the legal obligations under the Geneva Convention to protect civilians during war are “not at all what Amnesty does to blame and denigrate victims of aggression.”

“Not surprisingly, the Ukrainian office of the group, which was not consulted, condemned these supposed conclusions, while the Russian embassy in London readily reproduced them,” writes The Times.

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The Times notes that Ukrainian defenders are based in civilian areas because the Russian occupiers are attacking them. This method of the Russians is already known for combat operations in Chechnya and Syria, as well as in Ukraine.

“Ukrainian forces are bravely resisting these invaders, while at the same time trying to help civilians leave dangerous areas,” the article says.

Amnesty’s ignorance of the realities of military operations and misunderstanding of the content of international law are also emphasized.

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The journalists also recalled that the human rights group had previously humiliated itself before the Kremlin by refusing to recognize Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny as a prisoner of conscience, before hastily reversing the decision after a flurry of international criticism.

“Obviously, Amnesty didn’t get anything out of this fiasco. Secretary-General Agnes Callamar complained that the group was criticized on social media, as if it were some kind of offended party, and that its frivolous feuilleton about Ukraine has the status of holy scripture,” – notes The Times.

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The publication emphasizes that although in any serious non-governmental organization Callamar would have already resigned, no means will be able to save Amnesty’s reputation.

“Once a respected humanitarian organization Amnesty now shows a pitiful indifference to oppression. Having shown her softness on crime and softness on fascism, she should have the decency to leave the stage,” the authors of The Times believe.

As reported, in a report published on August 4, Amnesty International stated that the Ukrainian military, in an attempt to repel the Russian invasion, is endangering the civilian population by creating bases and placing weapons in residential areas, including schools and hospitals.

In the Office of the President reacted to the reportdeclaring that the lives of Ukrainians are threatened only by the Russian army, and the statements of human rights defenders are nothing more than participation in Russia’s discrediting campaign against Ukraine.

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Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov emphasized that Ukraine will not allow the army and defenders to be abused, and called Amnesty International’s attempts to equate unprovoked Russian aggression with Ukrainian self-defense as inadequate.

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