“Antibodies” released an English-language version of the hit “Hello” and showed a destroyed Ukraine in the clip

The song will be the soundtrack to the BBC series about the war in Ukraine.

Shot from the group's new clip / Screenshot

For the first time after joint musical work with Ed Sheeran, the “Antibody” group released a song. This is the English version of the hit “Hello” (Ukrainian was presented in 2019, – ed.). Artists say that the words were written several years ago, but now they have been rewritten for new realities.

“We created the English version of the song “Hello” almost at the same time as the Ukrainian one. But the new reality forced us to rethink this song, so during the war in Ukraine, it had new lyrics. The words were created on the front lines. Today, the composition has acquired other meanings, which we want to share. with the world. With this song, we shout words about a just peace, primarily for Ukraine, as well as about the irreversible consequences that war will cause if humanity does not stop the aggressor. With the deep conviction that these experiences are close to every person on our planet, to every person who wants life, peace and justice to prevail. We wrote this song as an appeal to humanity. We appeal to every citizen of the free democratic world and we are sure that they will hear us,” said Taras Topolya, the frontman of the musical group.

The footage of the destruction shown in the clip was shot in Kharkiv Oblast – that’s where the members of the group serve, rescuing people as paramedics.

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It is reported that the composition “Hello” will become the soundtrack of the BBC film about the war in Ukraine.

We will remind group “Antibodies” in honor of Father’s Day, she dedicated her song “In the books” to parents who died in the war.

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