data of pensioners are collected, and children are called to Crimea – UNIAN

Most of the region has been under the occupation of Russian troops since the first days of the full-scale war

Russians are actively preparing for a pseudo-referendum in Kherson region / photo

The occupation authorities of the Kherson region do not abandon their intention hold a so-called “referendum” for joining the region to Russia and is actively “training” the local population, particularly the elderly.

About this reports Kherson City Council in a telegram.

It is known that in order to organize a pseudo-referendum, the occupation authorities are looking for employees, premises and form their own media for propaganda. Houses and apartments that are located within a kilometer radius of the places where it is held are also actively checked.

According to the stories of the locals, the occupying authorities started handing out 20,000 rubles to pensioners, demanding personal data in return. The so-called “payments” are brought to people who previously received a pension from “Ukrposhta”

What’s more, in the Kherson region, the occupiers advertise admission to the captured higher education institutions – young people are promised free education. Also, children from the age of 8 are actively invited to health camps in Rostov, Anapa, and Crimea.

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As UNIAN has already written, the occupiers plan to hold a “referendum” by the end of September and are trying to find people to organize it. Most often the date of September 15 is mentioned.

At the same time in OP assurethat the occupiers will not be able to maintain control over the territories of Ukraine, where they are going to hold a pseudo-referendum on joining the Russian Federation.

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