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The project was developed for five years. Today, the length of the non-stop route is 18 km, but in the future it will be extended by another 16 km to the Tairov housing estate.

“Odesskaya zhizn” asked passengers of the “North-South” tram for their opinion on the new route.

The majority of passengers rate the new route positively.

– When the tram went to the Peresypsky bridge, it was also good, but now at the station it has become even better. My children live in the village of Kotovsky. I can reach Bocharov in about an hour and a half, said one of the passengers.

The second wife from Odessa notes that it is now much easier to get home before curfew.

– Before the launch of the seventh tram, there were big problems, especially when the minibuses hardly ran. It was during the coronavirus and the curfew. Now it is much more convenient.

Many passengers remember that the talks on the “North-South” route lasted a very long time. Elderly passenger says:

– We have been waiting for this “North-South” for ten years. I used to take the “seven” or the “one” to the Peresypsky bridge, then the “three” to the station. It took almost two hours to drive, so he sat down, looked out the window – and that was it. Now I’m coming in 40 minutes.

But there are also those who are not sure that this path will work for long.

– It’s probably embarrassing for the officials. They will soon split the route again, because they need to collect money. They only care about money, nothing more. It is more interesting to get there with two or three means of transport than with just one. You have fun, you understand, you have fun with our power. This tram should have been launched 20 years ago, but no one was interested in it, – believes another passenger.

In general, the residents of Odessa do not see any particular disadvantages in the new route. But some worry about the age of the rolling stock.

– The minus is that some of the old transport still works, but it is being updated. We very much hope that there will be more new Odessa trams on the road. More and more of them are coming out, the double and triple trams are very good, we like to ride them, says another passenger.

As a reminder, on July 28, the “North – South” tram line was launched in Odessa. Now residents of Kotovskogo, Luzanovka, Peresypy will be able to get to the central part of the city by tram No. 7. It will stretch from Paustovsky Street to Starosennaya Square.

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