Freimut’s daughter in an obscene miniskirt lit up at a party during the war in Ukraine

16-year-old Zlata likes to pamper followers on Instagram with obscene shots.

Daughter of Olga Freimut Zlata Mitchell / Photo -

The daughter of Ukrainian journalist and TV presenter Olga Freymut Zlata has been living separately for a long time. She only occasionally comes to Ukraine from the USA. She actively maintains her blog, so fans can follow where the girl is and how she spends her time.

Recently, Zlata published a short video in her Instagram-stories, which was captured by a DJ. Most likely, she went to some kind of party.

She then shared a photo taken somewhere on a balcony. There she is wearing a black tight cropped top and a short pink skirt. The girl put one foot on the other.

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Another picture with which she impressed the audience was taken with the help of a mirror. Mitchell thus emphasized bright makeup.

Screenshot of Zlata's Instagram story
Screenshot of Zlata's Instagram story
Screenshot of Zlata's Instagram story

We will remind, Zlata Mitchell in her young age has been in the center of discussion more than once. Yes, a recent photo Freymuth’s daughter after a series of candids, she covered her cleavage.

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