HIMARS and Mariupol: If Ukraine had HIMARS, the tragedy of Mariupol would not have happened, – Ambassador of Poland Cihotskyi (08.06.22 14:25) « War in Ukraine

Tsihotskyi, Bartosz

The Armed Forces of Ukraine could have prevented the tragedy in Mariupol and prevented the Russian army from entering the city if they had HIMARS missile systems at that time.

Polish Ambassador to Kyiv Bartos Cihotskyi said this in an interview with Polska Times, reports Censor. NO with reference to Liga.net.

He said that the victory of Ukraine is a matter of time, as well as the scale of destruction and victims.

“We understand very well that if HIMARS had reached Ukraine earlier, the Mariupol tragedy might not have happened. The Ukrainians were simply standing 100 kilometers from this city, they were separated by flat terrain, they could not move the front line and were forced to passively watch the tragedy of their comrades “, Tsihotskyi explained.

The ambassador believes that if the Armed Forces had HIMARS at that time, they would not have allowed the Russians to enter the city.

“We have to ask ourselves, are we going to watch Ukraine bleed out, eventually win, and then rebuild for decades, also leading to a long-term state of instability along our borders. Or do we close ranks now, make even more efforts and accelerate this victory and, as a result, shorten the period of recovery (of Ukraine. – Ed.) and restoration of stability,” he concluded.

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