Iranian drones in Ukraine – how dangerous they are for the Armed Forces

According to some sources, Iranian drones are already in Ukraine. What threat does it pose to the Armed Forces, experts said.

Iranian drones can be used in the war against Ukraine / photo

The war of the new generation dictates its terms. The methods of the Second World War have finally worn themselves out, and it seems that even Russia is beginning to realize this. Realizing that the Russian Federation will lose the technological battle in Ukraine on all fronts, the Kremlin allegedly concluded an agreement with Iran for the supply of locally produced attack drones.

According to the plot of the FreeDom project, according to preliminary information, the order of the Russian Federation amounted to 46 units.

It is about Shahed 129 and Shahed 191 drones. Flight speed – 150 kilometers per hour. The declared range is about 1.5 thousand kilometers. Rospropaganda has already announced that there will be several hundred such birds in the Russian Federation. And they will supposedly soon sprout like the seeds of HIMARS, which do not give them peace.

“When they say that Russia can get hundreds of drones of this type, I will say this: there are not even hundreds of them in Iran… And in fact, this is a small-scale artificial drone,” says military expert Oleksandr Kovalenko.

It is interesting that the Russians have drones similar to the Shaheds, but for some reason they are in no hurry to launch them. We are talking about “Orions”, which are practically not used in Ukraine, because they are quite easily shot down by our air defense means, as well as MANPADS calculations.

“If we are talking about Iranian UAVs, then they will definitely be prone to this kind of destruction,” the military expert emphasized.

Previously, military experts said that if the Russian Federation receives Iranian drones, there will be no turning point during the war. After all, the Armed Forces already have experience in combating drones, a widespread electronic warfare system and, in addition, a whole army of drones. What is the Turkish “Bayraktar” worth? In addition, the USA handed over Switchblade kamikaze drones to Ukraine. Despite their small size, they carry warheads capable of destroying enemy armored vehicles and manpower. And they also surpass some Iranian drones in terms of characteristics.

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