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"Ізбірком" Одеса

Odessa providers “Sana+” and “Black Sea” stopped broadcasting part of the channels of the “1+1” group due to excessive fees.

Technical director and owner of the Odessa supplier “Sana+” Volodymyr Krupsky spoke about it, reports “Media Detector”.

Since July 26, his company has not broadcast “2+2”, TET and “Plyusplus”. “1+1” and “Unian TV”, which broadcast the marathon, will remain present in the bouquets of companies.

According to him, in addition to “Sana+”, the channels of the “1+1” group have also been turned off. suppliers “Black Sea” (legal entities “TRK Renome”, “TV Center”, “Ideal”).

“1+1” wanted too much money and did not accept any other conditions. After the war started, we have no more money to pay the royalties under the contract. For example, “Inter” does not take money from us, “Ukraine” made a discount and we pay 5% of the contract price, StarLightMedia gave us a discount of 25% of the contract price. “1+1” wanted payment at full price for three months, then a 25% discount for two months, then back to full price. Therefore, we terminated the agreement due to force majeure, which is war,” he said.

He also added that the “1+1” group had given a written permission letter for the broadcasting of “1+1” and “Unian TV”.

In the pre-service “1+1 media‘ told the publication that “since the large-scale invasion began, 1+1 media has offered vendors uncompromising discounts on its distribution portfolio.”

“Yes, in the first months of the war, the operators broadcast television channels at 100% reduction. With the gradual resumption of commercial activity, we gradually began to restore the partial payment of rights (royalties), however , it remains several times lower than before the war and corresponds to the realities of the market. In addition, we have created special conditions for operators who are in the war zone or in the territories bordering them,” said reported the press service of “1+1 Media”.

The media group said that switch off their channels are only one provider “Sana+”, which according to the media group actually has 2 TMs (“Black Sea” and OMS). According to the media group, it is possible to “talk about the disconnection of a supplier operating under two brands”.

“The provider (TM “Black Sea” and OMS) has effectively stopped the broadcasting of the TV channels of the 1+1 media group on its own initiative, with the exception of the TV channels 1+1 and UNIAN TV, which broadcast currently the telethon “Yedini Novyni” In April and May there was a dialogue with the supplier and additional cooperation on preferential terms was even agreed, but at the last moment the supplier refused to sign an additional agreement and did not agree to the proposed conditions, unlike the rest of the suppliers who provide services in Odessa. In June, attempts were made to find a common language with the supplier to accept the proposed business conditions, but in response , they received a letter regarding the termination of the agreement. On our side, we accepted this position of the provider and, in order to ensure the security of information, sent in response a letter of auth authorization for the free rebroadcasting of the channels “1+1” and “UNIAN TV” until the end of the year. At the same time, the content of the 1+1 media group is available from most other local providers, which we especially thank for their cooperation and understanding. Together we are gradually restoring the television market and are confident that after the victory over the Russian Federation we will return the industry to full functioning and prosperity. To do this, we fill the group’s TV channels with premium, high-quality content and create new products, even in wartime conditions,” the media group said.

According to “1+1 media”, currently their channels broadcast these providers: online TV platform Kyivstar TV and other OTT providers, Triolan, BRIZ, Infomir, Soho, Tenet, APC, LYS, NORMA-TV.

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