Married, pregnant and mothers will be allowed to participate in the “Miss Universe” contest — UNIAN

The restrictions, which have not changed for decades, will be removed from 2023.


Already from 2023, married girls, pregnant women and mothers will be able to take part in the Miss Universe contest. This was reported by the organizing committee of “Miss Ukraine Universe” on its Instagram.

It is reported that Ukrainian women who are expecting or raising a child, as well as girls who were married or are in it at the time of application, will be able to participate in the casting starting next year.

“We are incredibly happy with this news, because now we will have the opportunity to welcome even more purposeful women to our “Miss Ukraine Universe” family!”, the organizing committee commented.

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It should be noted that there were a lot of scandals in the competition based on the above-mentioned restrictions. For example, in 2018, Goryu won the “Miss Ukraine-2018” beauty contest Veronika Didusenko. The very next day after the victory, it became clear that she hid her marriage and the birth of a child from the competition’s organizing committee. She was stripped of her title and her crown was taken away. Veronika herself sued the organizers. The head of the 2018 beauty contest, Victoria Kiose, noted that the rules are the same for the whole world and have not changed for more than 70 years.

We will remind you that Ukraine is asking the organizers of “Miss Universe” to be suspended a Russian woman from the competition.

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