Money from the Russian Federation and collaborationism: proceedings were opened against Sharia in Lithuania and Ukraine

In the case of Sharia’s extradition to Ukraine, it will be possible to learn a lot from him about the network of agents with which he worked, the lawyer believes.

Proceedings were opened against Sharij in Lithuania and Ukraine / photo

Lithuania and Ukraine have opened criminal proceedings against Anatoly Shary – for tax evasion and collaboration.

About this in ether Russian lawyer Mark Feigin told the FREEDOM telethon.

According to Feigin, after a long examination of his statement about non-payment of taxes by Sharia in Lithuania, criminal proceedings were opened. The investigation is investigating the origin of the funds with which Shariy purchased a villa in Spain worth 670,000 euros.

“This case was initiated based on my application, it has been this application for a long time. He was checked by the tax office. He did not pay anything in Lithuania, although he was a resident of Lithuania. This is the most important thing. He has not yet been charged,” said the lawyer.

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During a court hearing in another case, Shariy himself admitted that he withdrew this money from a Russian account. According to his claims, these were payments from Google – income from the monetization of his content on YouTube.

“He was obliged to declare this money, pay taxes on it. Since this money is income. He himself, an idiot, confirmed it in a civil court. This is a civil court, where he filed a lawsuit, which has been going on for 4 years. He was procedurally caught. The court obliged asked him to testify in a Lithuanian court. He does not want to go to Lithuania, because he understands that Lithuania will extradite him to Ukraine. He gave this interview on Skype, that’s all he did. … He himself confirms that there was an account at Raiffeisen in Russia. Received money from individuals (he claims not) and transferred these funds to Spain. Why didn’t he declare these funds in Lithuania? Where did they come from? He claims the origin of this money is from Google. He is counting on fools , because Google transfers money only to the place of residence, where you registered your account. If he received it in Russia, then he presented some document that he is a resident in Russia. … Moreover, in the Russian Federation, you can receive funds directly or through the system ” Rapida.” But he did not receive these funds directly from Google oh, and not through “Rapid”. It is known that he received them from two individuals. These documents are in the Ukrainian investigation,” says Feigin.

According to the lawyer, this information will become the subject of a criminal case. It is likely that Sharia will be invited to testify in Lithuania. And he will no longer be able to do this via video conference.

In addition, Feigin reported that another criminal case was opened against Sharia in Ukraine – about collaborationism.

“It happened recently,” Fagin said.

According to Feigin, in the event of Sharia’s extradition to Ukraine, it will be possible to learn a lot from him about the network of agents with which he worked. It is known that he was involved in collecting personal data of Ukrainian servicemen (phone numbers, military units, possibly the place of capture), which will also interest Ukrainian investigators.

“The network they formed in the Sharia Party was used by the Russian special services to adjust the fire, other things. His activists are definitely in contact with him, they can be revealed. He was engaged in collecting data on the servicemen of the Armed Forces who got was captured, posted videos from curators with prisoners of war on his channel. The investigation will be interested to find out what data he collected, to whom he gave it,” Feagin added.

It will be recalled that in 2012 pro-Russian blogger Anatoliy Shariy was declared a nationally wanted person. Then he left Ukraine and asked for asylum in Lithuania. While in the status of a refugee in Lithuania, he moved to Spain, from where he continued to run his Russian-language blog and managed the work of the “Sharia Party” created in 2019.

In the same year 2019, Shariy, according to Slidstvo.Info, became the owner of a house with an area of ​​230 square meters on the seashore in the town of Rodo de Bara in Catalonia, Spain. Its value is about one million euros.

At the beginning of 2021, the SBU announced that he was under suspicion under Article 111 (treason) and Article 161 (violation of equal rights of citizens depending on their race, nationality, religious beliefs, disability and on other grounds).

According to the investigators, he carried out illegal activities to the detriment of the national security of Ukraine in the information sphere and acted on the orders of foreign structures.

On May 4, Sharia was detained in Spain. On May 5, the Spanish media reported that the court released him on recognizance.

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