“Novinar of the Poltava region” – In the Poltava region, the corpse of a man was recovered from the river – Novinar of the Poltava region

"Новинар Полтавщини"

Around noon on August 6, residents of the village of Shilivka in the Zinkiv community reported to Department No. 4 (Zinkiv) that they had found the body of a man in the river. According to information from the Poltava District Police Department, after receiving the report, the investigative and operational team of police and forensic doctors arrived at the scene of the incident. Law enforcement identified the deceased as a 28-year-old local resident. To determine the exact cause of death, the body of the deceased was sent to the forensic examination office. Based on this fact, the issue of entering information into the Unified Register of Preliminary Investigations under Part 1 of Article 115 (Intentional Murder) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine is being resolved. The police are in the process of establishing the circumstances of the incident.

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