“Our City” Dnipro – Dnipro Circus presented a new program

"Наше місто" Дніпро

The Dnipro Circus presented a new program.  News from Dnipro

The Dnipro State Circus opened its doors to visitors for the first time in the last 8 months. Due to the quarantine and the war, the artists could not perform, but they have now prepared a new, interesting and diverse program for the public. It includes performances from acrobats and trained animals, fiery dances and, of course, fun clowns. Journalists from the site attended the general rehearsal of the program.Our city“.

The circus program is quite rich and diverse: it includes performances by acrobats and balancers, fiery dances by a folk ensemble, trained animals and, of course, funny and amusing clowns.

The military situation of the country imposes its restrictions. They do not plan to fill the room more than half, they also prepared and equipped a shelter in case of an air raid.

“We prepared everything. And the bomb shelter and places of shelter, God forbid. The exits were all covered, the garbage was removed, everything is according to us,” says the director general of Dnipro State Circus Victor Shabatko.

Watch the video for more details on the exciting new program of Dnipro Circus:

Source https://nashemisto.dp.ua/2022/08/06/klouny-dresyruvalnyky-ta-eklivrysty-dniprovskyi-tsyrk-predstavyv-novu-prohramu-video/

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