– Former manager of Chernivtsi airport caused more than 600,000 losses to the company

Investigators of the General Public Service of Ukraine in the Chernivtsi region found out: after illegally depreciating the furniture and equipment of the utility company, the chief accountant disposed of them at her discretion.

Investigating the circumstances of the criminal activity of the former head of the utility company “Chernivtsi International Airport” by the name of Leonid Kadenyuk, the police established that in 2019 the woman concluded a number of contracts for the purchase of goods and material values ​​at the company’s expense.

Abusing her official position, the offender created acts in the official computer program without permission, on the basis of which she canceled the furniture, household and computer equipment that she had purchased with airport funds. In this way, the official illegally took possession of the company’s property and then disposed of it as he pleased.

The lack of property and material values ​​was revealed during the inventory of the utility company.
According to the results of the forensic economic examination, the infliction of property damage in the amount of more than 600,000 hryvnias was confirmed.

Police investigators informed the woman that she was suspected of having committed the following offences:

• Sections 2 and 3 of article 191 (Empropriation, squandering or possession of property by abuse of official position);
• Parts 1 and 3 of Article 362 (Unauthorized acts relating to information processed in electronic computing machines (computers), automated systems, computer networks or stored on carriers of such information, committed by a person who has the right to access it);
• Part 1 of article 366 (False official) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Currently, law enforcement agencies are solving the issue of selecting a preventive measure for the suspect and imposing an arrest on his property to compensate for the material damage caused. The preliminary investigation is ongoing.

The offense was revealed with the help of employees of the Western office of the State Audit Service in the Chernivtsi region. Operational support in criminal proceedings is provided by employees of the territorial offices of the NPU’s strategic investigation and computer police departments. The direction of the proceedings is the Chernivtsi regional prosecutor’s office.

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