Russian propagandist Daria Aslamova was detained in Kosovo

Russian woman Daria Aslamova, who works in the Komsomolskaya Pravda propaganda media, was arrested at the border crossing in the north of Kosovo, where riots recently took place.

On Saturday, August 6, Minister of Internal Affairs Jelal Shvechla partially recognized Kosovo announced the detention of Russian woman Daria Aslamova at the border on suspicion of espionage for the Russian Federation.

That’s what he’s about wrote on your Facebook page.

The minister noted that “many countries have proven that she was engaged in espionage for the benefit of Russian military intelligence and acted under the guise of a journalist”, which is why she is banned from entering some countries.
“She also took part in hostilities in Ukraine, spreading propaganda about the Russian invasion of Ukraine,” Shvechla added.

According to him, Aslamova’s attempt to enter Kosovo coincides with the unrest in the north of the country and proves the Russian trail and propaganda aimed at destabilizing Kosovo.

Shvechla accompanied his Facebook post with several photos of Aslamova — in particular, with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Syrian President Bashar Assad.

As you know, Russia is the main ally of Serbia. Moscow, like Belgrade, opposes the independence of Kosovo.

Darya Aslamova calls herself a “specialist of the international policy department” of the propagandist Russian mass media “Komsomolska Pravda”.

We will remind, on July 31, in the north, partially recognized Kosovo local Serbs, who make up the majority of the population here, started erecting barricades. This is how they protested against Prishtina’s decision to re-register vehicles and identification cards. However, this conflict threatens to turn into a serious war.

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