Russians kidnap children from the occupied territories, declare them orphans and teach them to hate Ukraine

Our children in the hands of the enemy are now almost the main trophy. They are kidnapped, taken away, hidden and re-educated. They wear blue and burgundy berets, teach them to march and love their new homeland – Russia, it is said in TSN.

The racists admitted that they had kidnapped 448,000 children from Ukraine since the beginning of the war. In total, we are talking about more than 2.8 million people deported from Ukraine to Russia since February of this year. This is proudly reported by one of the mouthpieces of Russian propaganda with reference to power structures.

Russia calls the removal of children from captured regions “evacuation” and “rescue”. We will remind you that Vladimir Putin previously signed a decree on the simplified issuance of Russian citizenship to them, which contradicts the norms of international law.

Fascists start with the youth. Several “military-patriotic camps” were deployed in occupied Mariupol. There, teenagers are taught the basics of combat training and instilled with hatred for Ukraine. Putin is training a new generation of his supporters through schools, NYT writes.

Radical changes in the school curriculum will soon turn the Russian president into a key historical figure and mark the end of openness to the West, according to an article in the New York Times. Starting in first grade, students across Russia will attend weekly classes with war films and virtual tours of Crimea. They will be given constant lectures on such topics as “geopolitical situation” and “traditional values”. In addition to the usual flag-raising ceremony, they will be introduced to lessons devoted to the “revival” of Russia under Putin.

“Putin orders Russian soldiers: to steal children in Ukraine”, the influential Swedish newspaper “Aftonbladet” accuses Russia of yet another war crime, namely the organized removal of children from occupied Ukrainian territories.

In the video of the military, 19-year-old Vladyslav. He was taken from the student bench, put in a uniform, given a machine gun and sent to fight. “On the train, they just showed us how to assemble and disassemble weapons,” he says.

In 2014, he was only 11, he lived in Makiivka, which was occupied by Russia. As it should be, the whole life of a teenager is in the palm of your hand in social networks. An activist of the young republic, trips, watching propaganda films and dressing up in Soviet military uniforms, but the real war is not about them yet.

“In order to turn our youth, our children, against Ukraine. It is very easy to influence a child’s subconscious when it is not yet formed and paint Ukraine as an enemy,” says Ukraine’s ex-commissioner for children’s affairs, Mykola Kuleba.

In addition to Vlad, there are eight more boys at the conference – from 10 to 16 years old – who grew up and went to fight against Ukraine this year. “They teach to forget everything related to Ukraine, and not just, but they teach that it is an enemy,” Kuleba adds.

10-year-old Ilya, with a severe hip injury, has just lost his mother, and he has already been recruited by Russian propagandists. The injured boy was evacuated from Mariupol to Donetsk and they have already started preparing documents for adoption in Moscow. But his grandmother recognized him on the video. “Ilyusha called me and said, two uncles took Vitalik to Moscow on a plane, and they approached me and said, Ilyusha, do you want to go to Moscow, and I said that I was waiting for my grandmother, and they left me behind” – says the boy’s grandmother.

While waiting for his grandmother, he underwent several operations, and between them interviews for propaganda media and Russian language lessons. “He could not write in Russian, only in Ukrainian, and she immediately got a Russian textbook and began to teach him how to write in Russian. He was lying down, unable to walk, and he was already being taught the Russian language. There, the third floor was full of Mariupol children,” adds the grandmother.

“The first batch we found out about was children who were in the hospital, that is, they were brought to the hospital by their parents or by friends. Everyone was “evacuated”, as they say, actually everyone was taken to Donetsk. There were about 100 children,” says Petro Andryushchenko, adviser to the mayor of Mariupol.

Then there are the numbers only from non-fraternal Russia: another 300, another 200 children – a total of more than seven hundred. “Now the Russian side says that at least 700 children are from Mariupol. They call them orphans – they are definitely not orphans,” Andryushchenko adds.

But the national information bureau records another – more frightening figure, based on the statements of relatives. “During the war, the fact of deportation or forced relocation of 5,097 children was obtained,” says Daria Gerasimchuk, the president’s commissioner for children’s rights.

So far, only 44 children have been returned, because they are being hidden and dispersed throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. “They use all methods to prove that allegedly our children have already assimilated and they are residents of the Russian Federation and they are doing very well there. But everyone understands that this is not the case,” Darya Gerasimchuk assures.

“This is how the cadres for the future fascist Germany were forged. Putin does the same. 2016 – a Russian organization called the Youth Army now appears. Hundreds of thousands of children are accepted into the youth army. The army appears in the “LDNR”, the so-called republics, in the Crimea. Now they in Mariupol demonstratively recently accepted the first 9 children, in fact, into the Hitler Youth for me,” says Kuleba.

Ilya’s grandmother took Ilya out of the occupied territory to Ukraine, rightly and wrongly – now he has a different future and other worries. Other children must first be found and identified. The information portal called “Children of War” is currently being created. There, in addition to data on dead and injured children, profiles of missing persons are also planned – with the possibility to report if you know where the child is now. “Report the fact of deportation, report the fact of disappearance if you know where the child is. Notify about the fact of the child’s change of citizenship, the fact of adoption. Such a portal will help to collect this information faster,” adds Daria Gerasimchuk.

Finding and rescuing missing children from Russia now is a matter of national security, no less. Because we have already seen how children who play war according to Russian rules quickly grow into adults, ready to really kill.

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