ruxus – Aptos raised $150m, Unstoppable Domains – $65m


The cryptocurrency industry is attracting an increasing number of institutional players. This is evidenced by the new investments in infrastructure and the increasing attention companies are giving to bitcoin as an asset class. The most important event of the last few weeks is in the ForkLog review.

FTX Ventures and Jump Crypto have backed Aptos in a $150 million seed round

The Aptos team “scalable blockchain for billions” closed Series A funding round for $150 million.

Ego was led by FTX Ventures and Jump Crypto with participation from Apollo, Griffin Gaming Partners, Franklin Templeton, Circle Ventures, Temasek’s Superscrypt, Andreessen Horowitz and Multicoin.

“Aptos can become a reliable base for Web3. This will allow users around the world to enjoy the benefits of decentralization,” said project CEO Mo Shaikh.

Take into account seeding tower in March 2022, the startup attracted $350 million.

Unstoppable Domains has raised $65M at a $1B valuation

Decentralized Domain Registrar Unstoppable Domains closed $65 million Series A funding round. Investors valued the startup at $1 billion.

The round was led by venture capital firm Pantera Capital. Participants include Alchemy Ventures, Spartan Group, OKG Investments, Polygon, CoinDCX, CoinGecko and others.

Funds raised will be used to drive product innovation and expand partnerships in the Web3 sphere.

Unstoppable Domains is an NFT domain provider. Each name is a non-fungible token (NFT) issued on the Polygon network. According to the statement, the service has registered 2.5 million names, including in the “.bitcoin”, “.nft” and “.dao” zones.

DST Global Partners and Softbank have backed AI startup MarqVision in a $20 million funding round

MarqVision is a startup focused on intellectual property protection closed $20 million Series A funding round.

DST Global Partners, Atinum Investments, Softbank Ventures, Bass Investment and Y-Combinator participated.

MarqVision positions itself as SaaS– a platform based on artificial intelligence. The system monitors the e-commerce and NFT markets, detecting counterfeit products.

Topl, a Blockchain Company Focused on Social Initiatives, Raised $15M

Topl, a company that provides blockchain solutions to track and monetize social impact initiatives, attracted $15 million in the Series A funding round.

Ego was jointly conducted by Mercury, Republic Asia and Cryptology Asset Group. Company founder Chris Georgen reported that in 2020, $5 million was raised in the seed round.

The project helps companies that strive to follow the products in line with the principles of sustainable development and take into account the social effect.

Funds raised will be used to hire new employees and implement three key aspects of the roadmap: transferring governance to the blockchain community and launching traceability-as-a-service and record-as-a-service applications. as a service for carbon credits.

KuCoin has attracted a strategic investment from SIG in the amount of $10 million

KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange attracted $10 million strategic investments of the American trading company Susquehanna International Group.

The funds raised will be used to update the platform’s infrastructure, expand the product line and hire employees.

KuCoin plans to introduce new services in Asia, Europe and other regions.

Root protocol based on hacked Beanstalk service has attracted $9 million

Root Protocol marketplace project for finance, forecasting and trading markets attracted $9 million during the seed funding cycle.

Road Capital, Nima Capital, Soma Capital, Manifest Crypto and other investors participated.

Root is created on top of the stablecoin Beanstalk protocol in April who lost around $181 million following a hacking of the control system.

Beanstalk issues a “stable coin” bean for credit security. Investors buy protocol debt securities, on which interest income is accrued.

The Root team aims to expand the use of the coin with new markets such as interest rate swaps or betting platforms.

Funds raised will be used for direct investment in Beanstalk and auditing its own protocol.

Issuer Bean plans to reboot on August 6. The root developers plan to present their product in October.

OneOf NFT Marketplace Attracted Over $8 Million

NFT OneOf music platform attracted strategic investments of more than $8 million.

Amex Ventures, Snow Hill Ventures, Sangha Capital, Chain Link Crypto Fund and others participated in the round. Considering the new investment round, the amount of funds raised by OneOf exceeded $72 million.

The company positions itself as an “eco-responsible NFT platform” based on the Tezos blockchain, developed for the music community.

A former Coinbase employee’s blockchain startup has raised $4.5 million

Blockchain data startup Coherent, founded by former Coinbase employee Carl Cortright, raised $4.5 million during the seed funding cycle.

Investments were provided by Kindred Ventures, Matchstick Ventures and Foundry Group. Other participants include Coinbase Ventures, Alchemy, Chapter One and Dan Romero, one of the first employees of the US bitcoin exchange.

Cortright founded Coherent in April 2022 after four years at Coinbase. Within the company, he held the position of senior software engineer and was a member of the venture division.

According to him, Coherent is working on an API that will allow developers to build apps and deliver new features using their data.

According to him, the platform will attract the next billion users to the crypto industry. A team of five people plans to launch the tool in September.

Dragonfly Capital led the investment round of the Debt DAO DeFi project

Investment company Dragonfly Capital LEDs DAO startup seed round debt in the amount of $3.5 million.

Funding was also provided by GSR, Numeus and Fasanara Capital. They were joined by six business angels, including former Coinbase CTO Balaji Srinivasan and Chainlink Labs’ David Post.

Debt DAO positions itself as a decentralized marketplace that brings together all elements of the debt financing ecosystem for the DeFi sector.

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