Show business news: Artur Logai dared to open his own business with his wife

Ukrainian actor Artur Logai, together with his wife Evgenia, decided to open his own business.

As told by the star of the series “House of Bobrynsky”, “My beloved Strashko” and the winner of “Dancing with the Stars” Arthur Logaidue to the full-scale war in Ukraine, all his dreams were shattered in a second.

So he, together with his wife Evgenia, who is a blogger and artist, began to think about how to proceed. After all, their professions currently do not bring profit:

“Now Zhenya’s blog works only for the benefit of people who subscribe to it, and it is, of course, very good that people have benefit and comfort. But my career is not something that has been paused, but simply frozen for at least a year. .” Logai noted.

Arthur Logai with his wife / Photo:

So the couple decided to start their own business.

“That’s why we decided to collect everything we had and start our own, so far small, but our own business. For the past few months, we have been working on developing our brand. But we didn’t just want a brand, we needed the meaning it would carry.” , – explained the actor.

However, for now, the artist is keeping secret what exactly he and his wife invented, but he promised to tell about his business very soon:

“We were looking for a symbol that would remind us who we are, who we love and what we value in our lives. We think we have found and made this symbol. And now we are at the finish line. Already tomorrow we will show you something that will please you, to inspire and remind you that you are not alone,” Logai was intrigued.

Arthur Logai with his wife / Photo:

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