Show business news: Maria Mashkova sent her Putinist father Volodymyr Mashkov four letters

Russian actress Maria Mashkova has been condemning Russia’s actions and supporting Ukrainians since the first day of the Russian Federation’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Maria Mashkovawhich actively supports Ukrainians in the full-scale war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, publicly sent her father, a famous Russian actor Volodymyr Mashkov.

As you know, the opinions of relatives regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are completely opposite. While Maria condemns the actions of the Russian Federation and publicly supports Ukraine, her father approves of Putin’s actions and believes that Russia is doing everything right.

Mashkova posted a fragment from the new video of the Russian rock band DDT for the track “Not with you” on her Instagram page. It talks about how often parents do not understand their children. The clip begins with the father calling his son irresponsible: “They have everything in one day, but it’s the same with us: he took it, he chose it – bear with it, if you like it, if you don’t like it – bear with it. How do you live?”. To which his 17-year-old son replies: “We? We live for love.”

By the way, the band DDT and its leader Yuriy Shevchuk also support Ukraine. In addition, Shevchuk refused the fees and transferred all the money to help Ukraine.

“DDT “Not with you”. Go to the ass with your war, parents! We will win. Love always wins,” Mashkova wrote in her photo blog, thus addressing her Putinist father.

It will be recalled that a month ago Maria Mashkova stopped communicating with her father, the Russian actor-Putinist Volodymyr Mashkov. Maria’s father publicly supports the war in Ukraine. At the same time, he tries to impose his views on his daughter, who lives in the USA and supports Ukrainians. Mashkov called Maria, urged her to immediately return to the Russian Federation and apologize to the Russians. Masha condemns her father for his position.

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