Show business news: Olga Sumska admitted why her husband is not fighting at the front

Ukrainian actress Olga Sumska told whether her husband, actor Vitaly Borysyuk, is going to go to war.

Now to the husband Olga of Sumy Vitaly Borysiuk 59 years old and he can still be drafted into the army.

In the “Slava+” program, Sumska noted that her husband, as a military man, went to the Military Commissariat in the first weeks of the war.

“He went to the military commissariat, like all military men who are obliged to do so. At the time when he arrived, it was just as the war began, in two weeks he went to the military commissariat. They said that it was not yet time, because today we are taking the military. Of course, he is ready. At that terrible time, those men who stayed in our house in our neighborhood, they defended. Although not a military defense, but they were useful. And to bring some urgent humanitarian aid , just keep an eye on the yard,” Sumska commented.

Olga Sumska with her husband / Photo:

She added that her husband is athletic and knows how to handle weapons. So if he is drafted, he will go to war:

“Then the military commissar told him that we don’t give you permission yet. First, military personnel come in, people who have studied this profession. After all, Vitaliy is an actor. Of course, he is a sports person and knows a weapon. If it is necessary, then what if Of course, there will be a response,” said Sumska.

Olga Sumska with her husband / Photo:

She shared that, like all women, she worries about Vitaly. However, she noted that the opinions of those women whose husbands are already on the front lines and defending our country are important now:

“Today, every woman thinks about this. My thoughts today are not as important as the thoughts of those women who lost their husbands. And those women whose husbands defend our country. They are under fire from the orcs. Of course, I am worried, we are all human, we fear for our men,” said Sumska.

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