Show business news: Olga Sumska commented on why her daughter lives in Russia and is silent about Ukraine

Ukrainian actress Olga Sumska commented on the fact that her eldest daughter Tonya Paperna lives in the aggressor country of Russia.

As you know, daughter Olga of Sumyactress Tonya Paperna currently lives in Russia. She is married to Russian actor Volodymyr Yaglich and has two children with him.

In the “Slava+” program, Sumska said that she communicates with her daughter every day.

“We communicate, I tell her every day, she watches the Telegram channel. And those Ukrainians, believe me, who are there, they are aware of the terrible events that are happening here. They are all in despair. All the people who cannot express themselves , they are there in a regime of terror. Believe me, terrible terror,” Sumska assured.

Olga Sumska with her eldest daughter / Photo:

She also added that she will not make excuses because her daughter is currently in Russia:

“A situation where I would have to make excuses, I will not do it. Because I have no right to make excuses to Ukrainians for my daughter in front of devastated mothers who lost their children and their husbands. I have no right to do that and I will not to do this. But the total dependence that is there today and it will not budge for now. Because a step to the left, a step to the right and that’s it,” the star explained.

In addition, Sumska also talked about her close friend, who is a famous composer in Russia. Sumska did not name her friend for obvious reasons. The actress noted that the woman lost her job because of her support for Ukraine:

“I’m talking to my best friend, she’s a very famous person there, she’s a composer. She refused any jobs, she’s unemployed, because she didn’t support the politics of her colleagues who go out with the letter z. It’s not a zombie. You imagine the degree of cynicism when people for money, knowing that there is a sea of ​​blood here, support that regime for such crazy money,” said Sumska.

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