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Republican congresswoman Victoria Spartz was looking for an opportunity to meet with representatives of the Ukrainian authorities. But when she was offered a meeting with the head of the President’s Office Andriy Yermak, she refused.

This is reported by the CNN channel with reference to sources, informs Censor. NO with reference to European truth.

According to the sources of the American channel, on June 24, Spartz sent a text message to one of Zelenskyi’s aides with a proposal to connect him “with the right people” who, according to her, could help the Ukrainian army win.

“Would you like to send someone reliable to discuss the exercises when you get back, or maybe a meeting with (Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov) this week? They can also bring you some very high-tech equipment…he’ll do it as a favor to me and to you, so these meetings will take place “off the record”, Spartz said in the message.

In a statement to CNN, the congresswoman said the message was “taken out of context” and that she was “simply trying to help make contact with anyone who wants to help Ukraine win the war, including some veterans who can provide free and unbiased advice as a favor to me because they are my friends.”

“The claims that I have any financial benefit from this are completely false. I spend tens of thousands of dollars of my own funds to help in Ukraine. What should be investigated are Yermak’s financial interests,” she added.

According to CNN, the Ukrainian side offered Spartz a meeting with Yermak in order to dot the “i”, but the congresswoman refused.

In turn, she claims that after the publication of a letter to the US President Joe Biden with accusations against the head of the OP, she herself offered to meet. But after the statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine “decided that the meeting would not be productive under such circumstances.”

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