The Armed Forces struck nine enemy positions


The Armed Forces of Ukraine made nine strikes on enemy positions


Russian troops suffered losses in equipment and manpower

The destruction of about ten units of military equipment of the occupiers and more than 70 Russian soldiers in the south has been confirmed.

On Saturday, August 6, the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out nine strikes on strongholds and places of accumulation of equipment of the Russian army. The enemy suffered heavy losses. This is stated in summary operational command South.

Thus, Ukrainian bombers, fighters and helicopters attacked three enemy strongholds, four accumulations of weapons and equipment, one ammunition depot and a radar station.

In addition, Ukrainian missile and artillery units carried out more than 200 firing missions, in particular against the enemy’s air defense forces.

“The destruction of 4 S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems and the Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile gun complex, a 122 mm howitzer, an enemy reconnaissance drone, armored vehicles and armored vehicles have been confirmed. The “long” army has been reduced to 72 units,” the command reported.

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