the expert told which enemy missiles are the most difficult to shoot down by air defense —

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the aggressor Russia has fired more than three thousand different missiles on the territory of Ukraine.

However, the occupiers do not stop and continue to terrorize the population. In particular, strikes are carried out by “Calibers”, “Iskanders”, “Point-U”, Kh-101, Kh-22, etc.

Which missiles are the most difficult to shoot down “24 channels” said Oleg Katkov, a military expert and chief editor of Defense Express.

According to him, among all the missiles produced by Russia, the Iskander-M is the most difficult, because intercepting a ballistic target is a very difficult task. Moreover, it was created to overcome even specialized NATO air defense.

“It has a huge speed and attacks from as high as possible, where the angle of fall is 80-90 degrees. This means that even if it is damaged, it will still fall on the target. If the cruise missile is damaged: the wing, the fuel system or the engine, then it will fall further far from the target. The ballistic missile is already falling on the target,” Oleg Katkov explains.

However, it is not easier to shoot down other enemy Russian missiles, the expert states. The Russians in the war use missiles for the S-300 complex – anti-aircraft missiles.

“According to the specification of the S-300, it is about 40 kilometers. This is the range of the radio horizon to bring the missile to a certain part of the territory or a target. However, they are used for a range of 110-120 kilometers. That is, without controlling it on the last part of the flight. They are forced to throw it somewhere at an altitude of one or two kilometers. That is, it flies 110 kilometers and at an altitude of about one kilometer it loses control and simply falls, wherever it is,” Katkov emphasizes.

He also noted that this is the accuracy that allows you to hit Mykolaiv or Kharkiv. That is why the Russian troops strike with a non-specialized missile in order to terrorize the population.

As reported, expert Mykhailo Samus told why the Russians increased the shelling of Mykolaiv. Aggressor intentionally shelling civilian infrastructure and killing the civilian population of the city. Such actions of the occupiers indicate a terrorist information and psychological operation.

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