the founder of PMK “Wagner” personally recruits prisoners — UNIAN

At a meeting with a businessman, almost all prisoners in Russian colonies are driven away.

Prigozhin personally recruits prisoners for the war in Ukraine /

The owner of the private military company “Liga” (formerly PMK Wagner) Evgeny Prigozhin personally recruits prisoners in Russian colonies to participate in the war against Ukraine. He offered cash rewards and pardons to potential militants.

Several prisoners told journalists about this “Media zones“.

Journalists spoke with two prisoners of two different Russian colonies – VK-4 of the Tula region and VK-2 of the Yaroslavl region. The prisoners do not know each other, they are serving their sentences in different colonies on the territory of different Russian regions, but both were participants in meetings with Prigozhin.

According to the men, Prigozhin bragged that he had been given special powers personally by Russian President Vladimir Putin. In addition, the leader of the Wagnerites allegedly openly said that he needed to “win this hellish war at any cost.”

“I have special powers from the president, I depend on everyone, I have to win this hellish war at any cost,” a prisoner from the Tula colony quotes Prigozhin.

A prisoner from the Yaroslavl region noted that almost all “settlers” of the colony were driven to the meeting with Prigozhin. The man with the Hero of the Russian Federation star introduced himself as Yevhen Prigozhin. He arrived accompanied by several armed men.

“We are not the armed forces, but a real paramilitary armed forces. My guys go to African countries – and in two days they leave nothing alive there, and now they are also spreading enemies in Ukraine. Your decision to serve in the PMK is a deal with the devil. If you leave here with me – you will either come back a free man or die. You will be obliged to kill enemies and follow the orders of the leadership. Those who return will be shot on the spot,” the prisoner quotes Prigozhin.

In addition, the man said that Prigozhin confessed to the “experimental” use of prisoners in the war against Ukraine. According to him, out of 42, only five allegedly returned to the Russian Federation “two hundred”. In general, Prigozhin estimated the probability of death of the prisoners at 15%, and also emphasized their “heroism”.

“He says they fought like lions, attacked some pillar with one knife and cut everyone there,” the prisoner recalled.

One of the prisoners also told who exactly Prigozhin was looking for in the Russian colonies.

“First of all, they are interested in murderers and robbers, drug addicts are wary, the same is true of rapists. It is better, he says, that they should not be domestic murderers, but directly conscious – you, he says, will like us. In general, he gave the impression of a maniac. No coercion. sometimes not. You, he says, should understand what we need. And indeed, many, very many, no less than 200 people went to sign up,” the prisoner said.

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