the mayor of Melitopol revealed the Russian Federation’s plans to hold a “referendum” —

The Russian occupation authorities of Melitopol intend to hold a so-called “referendum” within a week, using methods of intimidation.

Occupants will walk around apartment buildings with weapons and accompanied by police or FSB officers and conduct surveys.

Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov said this during national news broadcast on Saturday, August 6.

“The occupiers want to hold a referendum for 7 days. They want to hold it with the help of the elders of the houses, who will go around the apartments and interview the residents, but accompanied by machine guns and a member of the police or the FSB,” the mayor said.

As Fedorov explained, in 7 days the representatives of the occupation authorities “can draw the number they want”.

As previously reported, under the temporarily captured Melitopol the Russians are hiding from the Armed Forces in the forests. For example, in the village of Myrnyi, in the building of a children’s shelter, the military of the aggressor countries organized a hospital. However, the occupiers left this building a few days ago.

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