The National Bank of Ukraine urges the population to carry even 1 coin to banks —

“Brave hryvnia” – for the army. The National Bank launched a campaign when you can donate coins to the needs of the armed forces of Ukraine. And those that are in circulation, and those that are no longer accepted in stores.

It turns out that metal money in the pockets of Ukrainians is a colossal amount. And you can take even 10 kopecks to the bank, and this is also important, it says TSN.

Roman’s son Borys spent one and a half years saving coins to fit the piggy bank. “I first collected money for the ocean, then the war started, I left the piggy banks at home, and I was able to help Ukraine with my money from mom and dad,” says the little philanthropist.

Boris’s father thought for a long time how to fulfill the child’s request. As soon as the National Bank launched the “Brave hryvnia” promotion, my son took all the coins collected to the bank. One thousand two hundred and eighty one hryvnias came out.

The NBU campaign started on August 1 and will last until October 31. And let it be just pennies, but in the wallets, on the shelves of Ukrainians – a gigantic sum. “Currently, coins that can be used to make payments total five billion hryvnias,” says Lesya Voytytska, head of the NBU’s public relations and financial awareness department.

Coins that went out of circulation amount to 500 million hryvnias. Both those and others can be transferred to the ZSU. How to do it correctly is indicated on the website of the National Bank.

Coins of 10 kopecks, 50 kopecks, hryvnias, two, five and ten coins in circulation will be accepted at the branches of several designated banks and immediately transferred to an account for the army.

The same coins that have stopped circulating will have a slightly longer journey to the Armed Forces. 1, 2, 5 and 25 kopecks – in specific banks they will take and exchange for real money. And only later they can be donated.

Iryna and Maria – brought coins in kilograms. They say that this is human psychology – pennies, as if they were not money, that’s why they accumulated them at home. “Yesterday, when I saw the initiative, I understood – this time has come,” says Maria.

Cashiers count each bag in 15 minutes, Iryna got one and a half thousand hryvnias and Maria got another 731 hryvnias. The money that was just lying around at home will now go to the Armed Forces.

“All Ukrainians now want to help in some way, we are thus giving them such an opportunity, each of us can give at least 10 kopecks in order to bring victory closer. And in this way, we also spread the culture of charity,” the National Bank says.

Six-year-old Borys is also happy that he too joined the approaching victory, which for him will mean returning home and reuniting with his family. And there will be the dream ocean.

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