The occupiers dreamed of destroying the “HIMARS platoon” — UNIAN

The defense department of the occupying country boasted about the “achievement”.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation once again distinguished itself with a loud statement about the destruction of American systems of salvo fire HIMARS. This time, the occupiers dreamed that they had “destroyed” an entire “platoon” of these MLRS.

This was reported by Telegram channels of the Ministry of Defense.

According to the occupiers, in the Kharkiv region they managed to hit a platoon of “Vilkha” salvo fire systems and American HIMARS.

“During the counter-battery fight, a Ukrainian platoon of Vilha multiple-launch rocket systems and American HIMARS were destroyed in the area of ​​Pyatihorske settlement of Kharkiv region,” the message reads.

The Ukrainian side has not yet commented on this statement.

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Earlier it was reported that the USA announced new military aid for Ukraine. The Armed Forces will receive long-range missiles HIMARS missile systems.

These modern rocket launcher systems have already changed the course of the war in Ukraine, declare to the Ministry of Defense.

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