the Russians again bombarded Sumy region with artillery, mortars and grenade launchers

During the day of August 6, Russian troops shelled communities of Sumy Oblast with artillery, mortars and grenade launchers – about 200 “arrivals” were recorded.

About this reported in Telegram, the head of Sumy OVA Dmytro Zhivytskyi, reports Ukrinform.

“Today, during the day, the Russians shelled the territories of Esmanska, Hlukhivska, Burynska, Shalyginska, Bilopolska, and Mykolaiv communities. About 200 airstrikes were recorded,” the report says.

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Zhyvytskyi noted that around 11:00 a.m. there was shelling from grenade launchers (10 hits) and from small arms (several machine gun rounds) in Glukhivska hromada.

Esmansk community: from 10.40 the area was shelled by artillery – 15 airstrikes.

Between the settlements of Bilopolska and Burynska communities, from 11:00, the Russians fired artillery – 38 volleys.

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Shalyginsk community: after 11:00 there was artillery shelling (40 approaches), at 12:33 the shelling continued (probably self-propelled guns) − 40 approaches.

Mykolaiv community: twice a day, the Russians shelled the populated areas of the community: after 19:00 – mortar fire (7 attacks), at 19:45 – artillery fire (previously – self-propelled guns) – 20 attacks.-

According to OVA, there were no victims in all cases. Information about the destruction is being ascertained.

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As you know, on February 24, Russia began a new stage of the eight-year war a full-scale offensive against Ukraine. The enemy carries out massive shelling and bombing of peaceful Ukrainian cities and villages. The Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Territorial Defense Forces and the entire Ukrainian people are effectively resisting the Russian troops and inflicting heavy losses on them.

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