The situation in southern Ukraine: the Armed Forces destroyed three Russian command posts (08.06.22 11:59) « War in Ukraine


In the temporarily occupied territories of southern Ukraine, the Ukrainian military destroyed three Russian command posts yesterday.

Natalya Humenyuk, head of the coordination press center of the Southern Defense Forces, informed about this, informs Censor. NO with reference to Radio Svoboda.

“We maintain fire control over the enemy’s logistics centers in the occupied territories…in addition, during the air strike and missile strike, we destroyed the accumulation of weapons and military equipment that the enemy is trying to bring there, and three command posts. And this significantly demoralizes the army, which is trying to gather strength for some powerful actions in the near future. These powerful actions so far are more like efforts,” she said on the air of the national telethon.

But, as Humenyuk notes, the enemy cannot be underestimated.

“The reserves they are trying to raise are quite significant,” she said, adding that the task of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is to weaken the Russian forces so that they do not have the strength to move forward.

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