The traitor Saldo was sent to Moscow: he ended up in toxicological resuscitation

Saldo’s condition remains serious, the journalists found out.

Volodymyr Saldo was sent to the toxicological intensive care unit of the Moscow Research Institute named after  M. Sklifosovsky / screenshot

On Saturday, August 6, Volodymyr Saldo, the traitor to Ukraine – the “leader” of the so-called “temporary administration of the Kherson region” was transported by special plane from Crimea captured by the Russian Federation to Moscow.

The collaborator was in a medically induced coma, the Baza Telegram channel reports.

According to his data, in Moscow, Saldo was placed in the intensive care unit of the toxicology department of the city’s M. Sklifosovsky Scientific Research Institute of Emergency Medical Services. The channel notes that the traitor remained in serious condition.

“Patients who have been poisoned by various chemical substances are admitted to the toxicology intensive care unit. They are hospitalized here when emergency detoxification of the body is needed,” the message emphasizes.

The channel emphasizes that the Research Institute has the only chemical-toxicology laboratory in Moscow with the most accurate equipment, thanks to which it is possible to understand what substances poisoned a person.

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Earlier it was reported that Volodymyr Saldo suddenly found himself in the hospital. Later it turned out that the collaborator from the Kherson region was sent to the Simferopol hospital.

Later, the traitor became worse, and he was connected to an artificial respiration apparatus and put into a state of artificial coma. Doctors allegedly suspected that Saldo was poisoned.

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