The UN Secretary General once again warned humanity about the threat of nuclear annihilation – World –

The threat of using nuclear weapons is becoming more and more relevant in the world.

This was announced by UN Secretary General Antoniou on August 6 Guterres in Hiroshima at a speech dedicated to the 77th anniversary of the atomic bombing of the city by US troops.

According to the Secretary General, “humanity is playing with loaded weapons” and a new arms race is gaining momentum. World leaders are building up their arsenals at the cost of hundreds of billions of dollars, and there are almost 13,000 units of nuclear weapons.

“…Crises with serious nuclear implications are spreading rapidly – from the Middle East to the Korean peninsula, to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine… Humanity is playing with a loaded gun,” he warned.

It will be recalled that Guterres previously stated that the world is currently faced with nuclear dangerunseen since the Cold War.

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