two local residents helped evacuees to go abroad — Ukraine —

In Khmelnytskyi, young people organized a scheme for the production of a package of fictitious documents for the departure of men abroad.

Two local “businessmen” helped men of draft age to go abroad. They worked under the guise of “volunteers”. They were supposed to deliver humanitarian cargo to Ukraine for the needs of the Armed Forces.

About this reported in the police of Khmelnytskyi region.

Criminals entered false information into the “Path” database. In this way, conscripts were given the opportunity to cross the state border at checkpoints without hindrance.

At least three such facts are known to the law enforcement officers. They valued their services at $1.8 thousand.
The men were charged under the article “illegal transportation of persons across the state border of Ukraine.”

Khmelnytskyi people are threatened with deprivation of liberty for a term of five to seven years with deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities for a period of up to three years.

As reported, the court arrested Odessa, who sold military goods. It is noted that he called himself a volunteer of the “Monsters Corporation” charitable foundation. However, from June 7 to July 1, he sold humanitarian aid.

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