Ukrainians began to consume less meat and fruit

Instead, the consumption of bread and potatoes increased.

Ukrainians began to consume less meat and fruits

Oleg Pendzyn, a member of the “Economic Discussion Club”, told about this on the air Ukrainian Radio.

He noted that before the war, Ukrainians spent 42% of their income on food, and now – 49%.

“Now food prices have jumped and inflation of 21% has been added. This has entailed additional expenses,” the expert emphasized.

He also emphasized that the average European family spends from 12 to 18% of their income on food.

“Our consumption structure has changed. The poorer the population, the more they spend on bread and potatoes. We began to eat less meat. The annual norm is 90 kg per person. Before the war, we consumed 68 kg, now 62 kg. We have become less eat fruit. And there are more bread and potatoes. Among meat, we choose chicken – 56%, while Europeans eat only 20% of chicken, preferring beef,” Pendzin noted.

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According to him, recently, small and medium-sized businesses have actively started to recover, small shops have opened: prices there are much lower than in large stores.

“They are able to provide themselves with at least some assortment, it is more convenient for them to carry out logistics. Payment card payment options are being restored. The further to the east, the more difficult it is for large retailers to work. They are tied to wholesale warehouses, which have recently been the target of invaders,” the expert noted. .

As UNIAN reported, according to data from “PrivatBank”, in July compared to June Ukrainian consumer market almost completely recovered from the fall of the first months of the war: Ukrainians spent more on medicine, electronics, restaurants and fuel.

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