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If the military aid provided by the United States to Ukraine is stolen, the question of Washington’s support for Kyiv in the war against Russia will arise.

However, today about embezzlement of aid from USA not in question

American diplomat, former special representative of the US State Department for Ukraine Kurt Volker told about this in a conversation with Ukrainian journalists.

“If we talk about the sustainability of support, it means political will and the availability of resources. If the aid is embezzled, then the issue of support will arise. I would like to note that now this issue (stealing – ed.) does not exist,” the diplomat said.

He added that there are several conditions for receiving assistance and some of them are quite reasonable. Especially when it comes to the economy. However, other conditions could be revised by some Western countries.

As an example in this context, Volker cited the limitations on the range of ammunition that the US can provide.

“Now we provide (ammunition – ed.) with a range of up to 80 km. At the same time we have ammunition with a range of up to 300 km. I don’t see the point in this limitation. Because the argument given is that we do not think that long-range weapons should be provided, because Ukraine can fire at the territory of Russia. First, there is no point in not giving long-range projectiles. Because Russia is shelling Ukraine from its territory, why can’t Ukraine fire back?” – believes the American diplomat.

He noted that it is not a question of Ukraine trying to seize the territories of Russia. It is only about self-defense of the state.

“Secondly, against this argument, I can cite the example of Kharkiv. The distance from it to Russia is less than 80 km. So, if we are talking about capabilities, already with the weapons provided, Ukraine could fire at their territories. It is much more important that now there are parts Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia, which are located much further than 80 km from the positions of the Armed Forces, are Crimea and Donbas. Why don’t we provide systems that would help hit military targets on our own territory to liberate it? This is a completely illogical condition. This is an example of conditions that, in my opinion, need to be reviewed,” Volker explained.

The conversation with Kurt Walker took place thanks to the invitation of the American University “American University Kyiv” in Kyiv, which was created in partnership with Arizona State University (ASU).

We will remind, at the end of July, the US Congress reported that experts saw no evidence that any weapons provided to Ukraine were smuggled anywhere.

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