We do not see the readiness of the Russian Federation to end the war through negotiations

Russia does not want to end the war through negotiations.

This was announced on Friday in Ghana during a tour of African countries said US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield, reports Ukrinform.

“I have heard from some that Africans do not want to be pressured to choose sides or to support a certain position. I understand that. None of us want a repeat of the Cold War. And Africans have the right to determine their foreign policy position without pressure and manipulations, without threats,” she said during the speech.

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At the same time, she asked to understand that it was because of Russia, and not because of Ukraine, that tens of millions of Africans faced the threat of starvation.

“I’ve heard many African leaders say they want a diplomatic end to this war. And we can’t disagree with that. Moscow and Kyiv will need to find ways to live together in peace. It’s always better to resolve differences at the negotiating table, not at battlefield. Unfortunately, we do not see any signs that Russia is ready to make a diplomatic decision,” said the ambassador.

She added that the dialogue and negotiations should take place on the terms determined by the Ukrainian people.

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As you know, on February 24, Russia began a new stage of the eight-year war a full-scale offensive against Ukraine. The enemy carries out massive shelling and bombing of peaceful Ukrainian cities and villages. The Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Territorial Defense Forces and the entire Ukrainian people are effectively resisting the Russian troops and inflicting heavy losses on them.


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