When Ukraine will receive ATACMS missiles with a range of up to 300 km

Kovalenko does not rule out that the missiles will be handed over to the Armed Forces in August.

Ukraine is waiting for ATACMS long-range missiles / screenshot

The armed forces of Ukraine may receive missiles ATACMS target range of up to 300 kilometers for HIMARS missile systems by the end of August.

Such a forecast was made by Oleksandr Kovalenko, a military-political columnist of the “Information Resistance” group, on the air 24 channels.

“I do not rule out that we can get this very weapon already at the end of August. Why not?” – he wondered.

“We are already receiving the first package of aid. Among the munitions we know about are rocket munitions for M142 HIMARS, as well as for barrel artillery. There may be other positions that were not reported in open sources,” the expert added.

According to him, the issue of supplying ATACMS missiles is “very acute”.

“The pressure is not only from political forces in Washington, but also from the Pentagon. It has an influence on the adoption of such decisions. Therefore, I do not rule out that we will see these missiles already in August,” Kovalenko said.

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ATACMS long-range missiles for Ukraine

As UNIAN reported, representatives of the Ukrainian authorities have already repeatedly appealed to international partners, in particular the United States of America, regarding the need acquisition of ATACMS missiles by Ukrainewhich are designed to destroy certain objects at a distance of up to 300 kilometers.

It was noted that even delivery of 100 ATACMS missiles to Ukraine in the short term could significantly affect the balance of power. Their use can make it possible to cut the main supply routes at a very significant distance from the front line.

Experts are sure that new weapons will open up unprecedented opportunities for Ukraine. The Armed Forces will be able to hit absolutely all military targets within the borders of their country, including on the territory of the Crimea and the Black Sea. Moreover, additional equipment will no longer be needed to run ATACMS

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