Which Russian missiles are the hardest to shoot down

According to the expert, the Iskander-M ballistic missile is the sweetest to destroy.

Which Russian missiles are the hardest to shoot down / photo facebook.com/kpszsu

The Russians continue to terrorize the civilian population of Ukraine by shelling cities with missiles. If you take all the missiles that fly at us, then the most difficult will be a ballistic missile “Iskander-M“.

About this 24 channels said Oleg Katkov, journalist, military expert and chief editor of Defense Express.

According to him, intercepting a ballistic target is a very difficult task, because the missile has a huge speed and attacks from the top, where the angle of incidence is 80-90 degrees. This means that even if it is damaged, it will still fall on the target.

“If a cruise missile is damaged – the wing, fuel system or engine, it will fall far from the target. And the ballistic missile is already falling on the target,” Oleg Katkov explained.

In addition, according to Katkov, the “Iskander-M” missile was created in order to overcome even specialized NATO air defense.

“It is declared that it knows how to maneuver at the so-called terminal distance, that is, when it already falls on the target. This is an astronomically difficult target,” the expert explained, noting that this does not mean that other missiles are easier to shoot down.

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He specified that the Russians also use anti-aircraft missiles for the S-300 complex.

“According to the specification of the S-300, we are talking about 40 kilometers. This is the range of the radio horizon to bring the missile to a certain part of the territory or target. However, (the Russians – UNIAN) use them for a range of 110-120 kilometers, that is, without controlling it in the last part of the flight.” , – said Oleg Katkov.

“They are forced to throw it somewhere at an altitude of 1-2 kilometers. That is, it flies 110 kilometers and at an altitude of about one kilometer it loses control and simply falls, wherever it is,” the expert explained.

He added that this is the accuracy that allows you to hit the city of Mykolaiv or Kharkiv. These strikes by a non-specialized missile are aimed specifically at terrorizing the population. It has a relatively weak warhead, so it is aimed at fragmentation rather than high-explosive action.

As UNIAN reported, Ukraine can get German air defense systems IRIS-T SLM in late summer – early September.

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